House Cleaning Galway – How to choose the best option for you

House Cleaning is something which is very personal to the individual. Every home has its own various problem areas or concerns that need to be targeted. A household can be a hectic place, with a million different commitments and events taking place at the one time. Cleaning your home properly can often be a time consuming affair that gets overlooked in the chaos. However it is vital that it gets done in order to keep a happy home. With so many options out there for domestic cleaners, it can be hard to know which one to choose. However, by following these simple steps you should be able to choose the one that will benefit you best…

1) Figure out your problem areas
No two homes are the same, so identify which areas need more work than others. Are there areas which are used more and therefore are more difficult to keep clean? Do you require just the basic cleaning services or something a bit more specialized? Knowing what you need from you house cleaning is half the battle.

2) Listen to previous customers
Those who have experienced the house cleaning service first hand are the best referees for a company. A good house cleaning service should always have a testimonials page. You can see from ours that our customers have had positive experiences with us and deliver useful feedback.

3) Check for references
Our cleaners all have excellent references available on request. This is key when deciding on the house cleaning service for you. When the staff are responsible and efficient, then you can be confident that the job will be carried out to the best of their ability.

4) Do not let the ‘’cheapest price’’ be your determining factor
Sometimes the old saying “it’s quality, not quantity’’ rings true. You want to be getting value for your money and you want to get a good deal, not one that is dirt cheap but results in you having to go over the cleaning again as it is not done to satisfaction.

5) Be straight up from the outset
Set limits and tell the house cleaner what you expect before they start the job. Do not be afraid to give clear, firm instructions. You are paying valuable money for this and so are entitled to expect only the best. The house cleaners are there to work with you and can only do so if you tell them what you require. Don’t be shy, bite the bullet and be decisive.